February, the month of the new lens.

Sigma 10-20mmIt's February already? Wow. Ok better do another blog post.Regular readers and voyeurs of my Flickr site will notice I have started to play around with H.D.R processing and cannot seem to get enough of it.

To this end I have bought a new lens to help me the Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM.

Looking at Sigma's acronyms I find that:

  • HSM stands for Hyper-Sonic Motor so it is quick and silent.
  • DC stands for Digital Crop, I can only use it on cropped sensor cameras.
  • EX stands for 'Pro lenses offering highest optical quality.' or EXcellent... :-)

My Canon 18-55mm lens, on a crop sensor means its actual focal length is 28.8-88mm. This lens is 10-20mm so the actual focal length I get to play with is 16-32mm. It makes a massive difference to panoramas shots. I only need 2-3 shots where the Canon would need 5-6.

It has a constant max aperture of f3.5. so this is a fast lens. Auto and Manual focus modes but AHHHHH no Optical Stabilisation... seriously I had to grow up and not worry about OS/IS and get on with taking pictures.

As long as my shutter speed is above 1/20 then I should be OK.

So this afternoon I trudged up to Morden Hall park once again, slid around on the mud and tried to take some decent shots with my new lens. The first thing I notice was I was much closer to the trees I was with this lens. Reflexively I would stand back a good distance with the Canon but not so with this new lens, nesting birds can see the top of my head now.

There is just so much more you can fit in the frame with this lens. I found myself walking forward a lot of times as I had misjudged the distance. It is not a good lens for taking photos of ducks... they can see you coming a mile off.

I don't speak Duck but I am sure one of them quacked at me 'You need a zoom lens mate, try a Sigma'...

Once the ducks had walked off laughing to themselves, leaving me to ponder Lens Manufacturer knowledge of common or garden avian bird... I took this shot of a nearby bridge, no sarcastic ducks in site.

You can see the rest of the images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/focusffs/ and I hope to make a lot of use of this lens in the coming months!