Waited all day...

We have all been there. We purchase something online. We get up early. We wait.At some point during the day you will think "If I go to the toilet, then the universal 'piss you off  o'meter' will mean the delivery van will turn up at the wrong moment". But not last week, I was been up at 7am, knowing that my delivery was in transit. I found out very late in the day from Amazon that it would arrive sometime before 9PM. Well that's dedication for you.

I am now the owner of a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens for my Canon. I thought I would take a step up in lens quality and purchase something with a fixed aperture and zoom.

First impressions:

  • That's a big box...
  • How heavy is this??

Second impressions:

For something the was billed as second hand :-

  • The item may come repackaged. It wasn't.
  • Front of the housing has minor cosmetic imperfection. It hasn't.
  • Minor cosmetic imperfection on the top or sides of the item. Not that I can see.
  • Minor cosmetic imperfection on the bottom or back of the item. Nope.

The original Sigma box has all of the above but not the lens it looks brand new!

Third impressions:

  • Damn this is heavy, it feels three times the weight of the Canon 50-250 and its twice the length!
  • The lens hood makes this even longer!
  • The HSM is FASSSSST!! Very impressed with that.
  • Chromatic Aberration is near zero. More noticeable on the Canon but low to nothing on the Sigma.
  • Tripod collar... because it is heavy.


Fourth Impressions:

  • The lens will not fit in my Slingshot bag. It can fit the length of it but I then cannot fit the camera.
  • The backpack will have to become the default from now on. That at least can hold the lens while attached to the camera. I had to rearrange the padding walls a bit to accommodate the other lenses.


  • I need to plan ahead from now on to choose which lens would be the best to take. The backpack is OK but tends to knock people down escalators on the London Underground, it holds everything I need but I may not need to take everything with me.
  • I will not be selling the Canon 50-250. It's good to have a back up and shoot dependent.
  • The position of the focus ring is where the zoom ring is on the Canon, I am going to have to get used to the slight distance change for the zooming.

I will be field testing this next Wednesday so I will be blogging about how it performed after that.