Fast Processing

I thought I would write a quick piece about my processing method. I have been called 'a machine' because of the speed at which I can get photos of the event back to the producer/performers. I don't stop there, I always pick one or two shots from the event and work on them to create a unique piece of art work too.

I am still working after the event has finished. While on the way home I maximize the time by looking through the pictures and grading them by eye. If there is a shot that is blurry or completely missed then it is deleted. No sense in wasting time copying it to the PC if I am only going to delete it soon after. This also reduces the over all amount of shots to be loaded.

The remaining shots are loaded into Adobe Lightroom and again graded. This time I can see in more detail. This time around anything that has to much motion in the hands or legs (which in my opinion spoils a shot) is moved to a Rejected folder. This process is fast as it picks out the best of the crop.

The rejected folder is given the once over, and each is given consideration. If a shot has a good expression or action then it may make the grade and is added to the main group. I then have my picks which are sorted by performer into separate folders. Each is then highlighted and named recursively after its host folder name. I hate giving photos out to performers and producers with the names IMG__ or DCIM_001 etc...

Colour grading is next. Once the white balance is sorted for one shot, I can quickly make the same changes to a group of photos as the lighting rarely changes in a stage performance. This process is done for each group of photos from each performance.

One final check is done on each group of photos. Along the way one or two will catch my eye and I will add them to the Live Show Edits group for later processing.

Then comes the processing to JPEG. All the picked shots are exported to 2000px on the long side to a prepared folder with in my Dropbox location. That way, once the last one has exported I can send the producer/performer the link immediately.

I am a bit of a digital archivist as well so I always keep my work on backups. If the producers/performers loose anything I will still have a copy.