Let there be light.

I was looking on Amazon for a cheap portable light to take with me on night shoots. I settled on a cheap option of the Mcoplus®130 LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel. This can take a 9v power supply or 6AA batteries. However it also comes with an adapter to take a camera battery that my Canon 70d uses. It has a rated lifespan of 50000 hours. I better not drop it then.

It has an adapter for the hot-shoe on the camera and a light stand plus can be attached to another panel if I had two of them. The LED's are very very bright and if you look at it for a second they will start burning into your eyeballs. It comes with two diffuse panels soft and orange. Unless you really want to burn your models eyes out I would suggest using the soft panel every time.

So on to the experimenting. After I could see properly again, I joined up with a couple of friends in Regents park to show them how to use side and front lighting plus it gave me a chance to wield my reflector around the place. I found a  recently  planted tree that was held up by a piece of wood which was the right height to balance the LED light. I asked one of friends to stand close to the device with her back to it so the light would illuminate her hair.

In camera settings I set the Exposure compensation to -3ev so the photo would come out dark, but balanced that by popping the flash. So we had front light on the ace while the LED would illuminate the back of the head and the hair. The result is below, it worked a treat. I will be lining up a couple of night shoots to test this out again soon.


Thanks for posing Joanne!