The following is the agreed Terms of Use when publishing, distributing or posting photos and art work from JME-PHOTOART.

You may have been directed to this web page to agree terms of use before an event or engagement.

Please take the time to read through each section then complete and send the agreement form.

- All photos and art work are copyright of Jon Ellis -

v1.2 - April 2019



  • Every work created by JME-PHOTOART has a water mark added. The watermark will read as www.JME-PhotoArt.com (year).

  • Dependent on the year of publication the water mark location will change position on subsequent works.

  • This watermark is normally situated around the outer edge of the photo as to not to distract from the contents of the work.

  • The watermark must remain unaltered with any usage of the works provided.


Giving credit

Every use of the works provided, must contain the following:

  • A credit notice to www.JME-PhotoArt.com

  • Where possible with online media, a clickable URL link to www.JME-PhotoArt.com must be included alongside the included work.

  • For publication on Instagram please use @jmephotoart

With proper credit, the photographers of original work can be contacted for future work. Contacts such as this can, and have lead to other work shooting for performers and shows. Without it, contact would be very limited.



Unless otherwise agreed:

  • You are allowed to use the shots for personal and performance promotion provided the above conditions are met.

  • These conditions must also be passed and agreed by any receiving party who wishes to use the work.

  • It is up to the distributor to take responsibility to inform the receiver of the above conditions.

  • If the works are to be used in print or broadcast media then I must be informed before publication/broadcast date.

Any breach of the above agreed terms could lead to a compensation claim against the original receiver and that of receiving parties.