Wilton’s Music Hall photo shoot - 19th December

How to get there:


Wilton’s Music Hall is served by two tube stations and one station on the docklands light railway. All three are 10 minutes walk from the Hall.

The entrance to the hall is down a side street called Graces Alley, round the back of cable street. Those coming from Aldgate and Tower Hill will becoming from the left and from the right if coming from Shadwell.


This is the entrance to Wilton’s Music Hall. It will be cold in December so I would think the doors will be shut when you arrive. Push on the right hand door to enter and please close the door when you are through. Please don’t trip over the pot plants.


This is the reception. When I was there last the desk was not present. The reception window was on the left hand wall as you enter, please give them your name and asked to be shown to the study. You will need to sign in and out on the day.


To get to The Study, you will need to come up the main stairs, turn left and follow the corridor.


The Study room is to the left of the stair case in front here.

If you have any trouble getting to the Hall please let me know asap. I will have my phone on me at all times, fully charged.


10 am - 12 am : Marquissa Darq

12 am - 02 pm : Venus Gallactia

02 pm - 04 pm : Lisbeth Pipestrelle

04 pm - 06 pm : Kelly Marie Adams