Baby Lame's Shit Show

I was contacted by a performer called Baby Lame to shoot his burlesque show at the Glory pub in Haggerston, North London. I accepted the job and immediately used Google Image search to check out the venue. I do this every time for a new venue to scope out the area before attending.

I hopped on to the East London line I arrived at the Glory with 30 minute spare till show time. Baby Lame and a couple of other performers were rehearsing the opening act. After which we had a quick chat about where I could shoot and I was given a running order of the performers. I like to keep hold of this as I can then add names of the performers to their respective photos in Lightroom later.

This show was an eye opener!

Looking around the room I decided not to stay near the bar as that is normally crowded, so I stuck more around the left hand side near the audio visual unit and the centre between the two pillars.

After the show, on the way home I started culling shots in camera. The screen in small but I can easily see if any of the shots have blurred limbs or the composition is off. All shots were completed and delivered the next day.