Fangs for the memories..

Brompton Cemetery is a London cemetery in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Home to some 35,000 monuments, burials, mausoleums and now visited by myself and a few vampires.

Considering the blazing hot sunshine on the day it was probably the worst time for vampires to congregate but I suppose they were in the best place for a burial. I visited the cemetery along with Maquissa Darq, who I last shot with at Wiltons Music Hall. I was on the look out for exploding vampires along the central avenue but sadly I think they were all under cover.

We stopped off at the right hand side of the Colonnade. Here we took a number of pictures. You can see the before and after of the two shots side by side. I didn't like the lack of symmetry in the walls so copied the left to the right and added more light through the arches. I also shot Marquissa standing in an archway at the front of the Colanndade side entrance. I purposely desaturated the colours leaving her to stand out against the start grays and whites.


Avoiding the general public and assorted undead we moved around behind the Colonnade and found it was dotted with niches which Marquissa clambered up to stand in. The pose and the the way the hands were positioned to me said 'ermergance'... it was all getting a bit Hammer House of Horror at this point so we moved on and found a large musoleum where the exterior reminded me of egytian type architecture. This shot to me is very stygian in look.

Towards the back of the cemetery we found some locked doors leading to some catacombs, we noticed a snake motif on the door so Marquisa had a chat with it. It didn't have much to say. We also found a falconry area where for a small donation you can hold your arm out and a small owl will gladly sit on your glove, but not talk to you... 


Avoiding tourists a the occasional cheerful Goth, we made our way back and had a drink in a local pubbery (Marquissa's new name for a pub).