Burlesque In Underland : The Queen's Croquet Ground

It sometimes pays off to think of the bigger picture when taking shots. Except this time I wasn't thinking... this was a fortunate occurrence. 

I was asked to shoot for Burlesque In Underland at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club. I arrived just before doors opened and met up with producer and to take my usual seat for the event. With me were my Canon 70d, Canon 550d as backup with lenses 24-104 f4 and the 10-20mm f3.5. 

While people were filtering in to take their seats the host asked if I could move position to accommodate extra visitors. No problem I thought my 24-105 can still.. oh OK, that is now a bit close. I only moved a little way forward but the 24mm end meant I would be closer to the performers than I really needed. The 70d has what is called a 'crop sensor' so when the focal indicator on the lens reads 24mm it is actually an equivalent of 38mm. Not so wide angle.

Lucky I had my wide angle with me then! On the 70d the 10-20mm would actually be 16-32mm which gave me a nice wide angle of view at the 16mm end and enough to have the performer framed nicely at 32mm.

This also had an unexpected and welcome occurrence. When the performer was very close up to me it would give a type of perspective that I would not have got with the 24-105mm. It helped created some interesting fish eye type shots!

Marnie Scarlet

There was no interval this time, the show jumped from one act to the next, which caught me off guard when I noticed I was down to 50 shots remaining on my card and had to quickly swap them out.

The lighting was better but again I had to wait for performers to be in a certain area of the lighting to get a good shot. All shots were delivered well within my self imposed 24 hour time limit. Yay me!

Ella The Great

Flamingo Girls

Coco Nobel

Mysti Vine


Kheski Kobler

Lilly Snatchdragon