Return to Wilton's Music Hall

As an early Christmas present to myself I thought I would hire The Study in Wilton Music Hall again, but this time for a full days shoot. The theme was Steampunk and I had bought some cheap plastic guns for the models to play with and the guns feature in each session.

I arrived and signed in and bounced up the stairs to the room, it looked like it had been used for a Christmas dinner the night before! Condiments and menus were on the tables so it took me a while to clear around some space to work.

First to arrive was Marquisa Darq who had modeled for me on the first trip to Wilton’s at the beginning of the year. Marquisa had brought along a gunslinger outfit which fitted well with the guns. I set up my new RotoLite Neo 2 and started shooting.

All the shots taken were with the natural light coming in from the left hand windows or from the soft light produced by the RotoLite Neo 2.

Rachel - 011-Edit-2.jpg
Rachel - 022-Edit.jpg
Rachel - 034-Edit.jpg

Having the Canon 6d MKii on full resolution meant I could crop in to the shots to produce closer portraits of the full length shots.

Next up we have Venus Gallactica, and in stark contrast to Marquisa’s darq photos, I decided that these should have a lighter feel with a rainbow effect emanating from the guns.

Lastly we have a newcomer, Lisbeth Pipestrelle in her first ever photo shoot! I wanted to try a range of styles for these shots, a tinted Victorian edge, pure sepia tone to an ethereal haunted room look.

The muzzle smoke and flash was added in post production, I was not about to let Lisbeth start shooting up the place!


I have no idea who this is but as there is a penchant for violence with a variety of hidden cucurbitaceae, I would suggest you call the Peelers as soon as you can!