NOVA Halo - Inter Galactic Space Angel

Its not every day that I get to meet an Inter Galactic Space Angel but the other week I think I did just that. A year ago I had the pleasure of watching Nova Halo play at the Water Rats in North London after shooting a cabaret show.

It was Nova who contacted me about collaborating on a piece of space art after seeing a space themed picture I had created of ZeeZee Stardust. I can do better than that I thought and invited Nova down to a studio to try out a green screen set up with a number of her costumes.

The date coincided with another green screen shoot I had planned and was easy to fit in on the day. I had only shot green screen once before with Jack Stark for The Why Not Institute, and decided it was high time I tried my composite skills once again.

As usual I was early to the venue and waited for Nova to arrive. I of course looked up to the skies to see the space ship land but she arrived in disguise. However I suspect the suitcase may have been a teleportation device. We chatted for a few minutes while we waited to be let in to the studio. This was the first time I had hired this studio so it was all new for me too. Once we were settled and Nova had changed we started taking pictures.

Nova Halo - 070-Edit.jpg

This is my absolute favourite outfit from the shoot, love the frills and the neck piece. Still can’t place the time period I’m thinking this is from…

Nova Halo - 088-Edit.jpg

As you can see there is a theme running though the set of photos, I had started experimenting with planets and space art recently so this was an easy extension of that work. I tried to have a strong colour in each shot, yellow copper and rust for these three and blue and red for those below.

Nova Halo - 047-Edit.jpg
Nova Halo - 079-Edit.jpg

One thing to note is as Nova was wearing space based silvery boots they easily reflected the green of the green screen she was standing on! One quick adjustment layer and they were back to silver… ish. Will have to work on that next time.

My absolute favourite shot is the red one. I love the broken planet and the look on Nova face suggested that this was the plan after all.


'The voice of a fantasian siren surfing the waves of a synth/dream/chamber/baroque pop and progressive/space rock ensemble. Her ethereal soundscape and alluring visuals serve a transcendental experience for the audience.' You can find Nova Halo here ….

…or possibly on Mars…

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